I was hoping that someone can help me clarify the code(s) for the following procedure, I'm thinking that maybe 33015 maybe appropriate but I'm not sure:
Indication: Large Pericardial Effusion
Procedure: Echo guided pericardiocentesis
Double balloon pericardiotomy
FIndings: Large, serous pericardial effusion.
Subxiphoid approach used with echocardiographic guidance. Pericardial access verified with echo bubble study. Approximately 740cc turbid, serous fluid removed and sent to lab. Following this, a 7Fr and 6Fr sheath were placed in the pericardial space using the over the wire technique. Ultrathin 8x40 and 7x20 PTA balloons were positioned under fluoro across the perocardium and simultaneously inflated creating pericardiotomy. The 7mm balloon was ocillated across the opening to optimally enlarge the opening. The pericardial drain was then subsituted for the sheaths, sutured in place and attached to bulb suction. Final echocariography confirmed near complete resolution of the fluid collection. No complications encountered.

Thanks for any light that can be shed on this procedure.