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Thread: CPT 28202..... I need dx code

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    Question CPT 28202..... I need dx code

    my dx in op report is: Extensor hallucis longus laceration, left foot.--- tramatic pt dropped knife

    Operation was Repair of extensor hallucis longus tendon, left foot, using 2-0 Ethibond

    The cpt code I used is 28202 Repair, tendon, flexor, foot; secondary with free graft, each tendon (includes obtaining graft)

    and I used dx 892.9 as my primary dx: Open wound of foot except toe(s) alone With tendon involvement

    Ins has denied for : A more specific dx is available

    any ideas what the more specific dx could be??

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    It could be the CPT code you chose. I assume this was a fresh laceration, not one that happened a week or more ago. A primary repair code linked with the diagnosis you provided may be a better choice.

    Denise Paige, CPC-COSC

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