Need CPT suggestions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Procedure: repair of mild rectocele and perinoplasty.

Op note reads: Cervix corpus adnexum was surgically removed. The vaginal edges on both sides were closed with Allis; and approximated together at the point where it is allowing only two fingers to go through the vagina and this was the determining point where the vaginal mucosa was infiltrated with 1% Xylocaine. The incision was made along the mucocutaneous border between the two Allis'. The vaginal mucosa was then dissected very gently, separating it from the facia underneath to a point just above the area of the rectocele. The vaginal mucosa was removed with the shape of an inverted triangle at removal point. The levator ani were approximated with #3-0 Vicryl above the cut line in a continuous fashion to the new opening of the vagina. Then the rest of the outside of the vagina was approximated, was repaired in a fashion similar to repair of episiotomy with 3-0 subcuticular layer for the subcutaneous tissue and 3-0 subcuticular layer for the skin.