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    benign villoglandular polyp, aphthous ulcerations of the transverse colon - Active chroniculcerative colitis. Would you assign 556.8 and 211.3 Thanks

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    556.8 is the correct one for this scenario. The noeplasm has no place here at this stage unless there was a mass found there. This is an inflammatory condition with hereditary / auto immune contributory factor.
    So I would like to give only 556.8

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    I disagree a polyp is mentioned before the ulcerative colitis.
    556.8 and 211.3 is IMO the correct answer with the information given.
    A. McCormick, CPC, CGSC
    Walters Surgical Associates

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    Correct answer for the documentation is 556.8 and 211.3.Need to code benign polyp also.

    Nalini CPC

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