I need help with this please:

Procedure Perfomed: Open reduction and internal fixation of left distal fibula and a fracture of one tibial plate in combination with cortical and cancellous screws.

Procedure note in part: The fracture was identified and irrigated, and the fracture fragments were brought together with a lobster-claw clamp. After this, application of 8-hole plate was applied after forming it around the distal fibula, and a series of cortical screws were applied, 2.5 cortical screws proximally and distally 4.0 cancellous screws, stabilizing and securing the distal fibula.

With this the fracture remained stable of the posterior malleolus, which was less than 20%, with the posterior syndesmosis and posterior tibia-fibula ligaments stabilizing the fracture. Scans in the AP lateral plan revealed the fracture to be stable under fluoroscopy.

I'm not sure which code applies in this situation. With the documentation I have, it doesn't seem to support the codes for a bimalleolar fracture. I am totally new to Ortho, so I am sure that I am missing something. Any help is super appreciated. Thanks!