I need help with a code for an Ileoscopy with foreign body removal. Here is the procedure:

Digital exam was performed with my 5th digit through the tract. The scope was then advanced through the tract which was approximately 8 cm in length. Then the pouch was entered. The pouch had a significant amount of stool. The foreign body was noted in the pouch. Multiple attempts were attempted with a snare and could not be retrieved and therefore biopsy forceps were able to grab the applicator. The applicator then came out horizontal through the tract with minimal damage to the tract.

Successful ileoscopy examination through the Koch pouch. Tract appeared normal. The pouch was mildly inflamed with mild erythema and some easy friability. The foreign body was successfully removed.

44385 is the ileoscopy thru pouch but I haven't been able to find anything for the foreign body removal.