Gost and Dwaldman - again thanks for your assistance with this!! I hope I am not wearing out my welcome with all of this!

Yes - I am getting quite confused , but I am working on figuring this thing out! I have checked out all of the links that dwaldman gave me, which was very helpful. I have also found alot of information on other sites and see that there is really no cut and dry answer to these issues!

Gost - from your other post - you were very helpful in explaining how to come up with the charge. I think I misunderstood that this was also how it would be applied to the claim. However, I also did a Webinar which basically explained the same thing about totaling base units and time units and even explained for Medicare that we needed to round to the nearest 10th - but never stated not to include the base units or modifing units when entering it on the claim. Nor did they specifiy that you would actually enter the total time in minutes in the unit box rather than the time in units. Now I am finding information out there on the internet that tells me never to include the base units when we bill! I will take your word for it that this will get easier!

Dwaldman - As far as Medicare - I had read that chapter in the Medicare guidelines in the beginning when I had started this adventure, but apparently I misunderstood what they were requesting (along with the help of a misleading Webinar). Let me see if I understand this correctly - in the box for units, rather than entering the time in units (2 hours = 8 units) I would enter 120? It appears that this is also what BCBS is requesting - time in minutes? At one point I read that I need to enter the actual start-stop time in box 19 - is that needed? And you say you bill all of your claims this way? That would be much easier if it works!

The only thing I would still have to figure out is this epidural thing - I did read the information Dwaldman just posted somewhere else, which of course again is not cut and dry! I will keep searching on that one!

Thanks again to all for helping me to try and understand this - out of all the coding that I have done, I have never felt so confused on how to bill something out!