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Thread: EGD w/Bravo PH

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    Default EGD w/Bravo PH

    What is the correct CPT code for an EGD with placement of the Bravo PH probe?

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    EGD with placement of the Bravo capsule PH monitoring, again its same EGD-43235 ONLY.

    Nalini CPC

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    Good Morning,
    According to the co. that manufactures the machine we were told at our office to
    use 43235 & 91035 w mod 59 and the 26

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    I also bill a 43235 but the 91035 with modifier 26 is billed two days after the EGD because that's when it's read.

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    The EGD code + 91035 for the reading of the Bravo report.

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    Are you using the Given Bravo? We are just starting this and were told to bill the EGD on the day of the procedure and 91035 (NO modifier) on the day of the reading.

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    If you are doing the Bravo Interp--you use a -26 modifier especially if you don't own the machine.

    The Interp is always billed after the placement and only the EGD code is used at the time the capsule is placed.

    Bravo's in themselves are sometimes problematic with insurers. I now preauthorize any
    out of state Blue Shield plans as they consistently deny the Interp as "experimental"

    Otherwise Medicare has always paid doing it this way and having the docs read the interp
    at the office...

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