Calling all employers willing to hire a CPC-A in IL and surrounding cities, in fact statewide. I am single so relocation is a welcome privilege.

I am a fast learner, I even amaze myself. Proof that I can do what I am set to do. I finished my medical coding course in 5 months, when it is a 1 year course. I finished my coding course November 2010. By December 18, 2010, I took my first CPC exam, by December 24, 2010, I am a CPC-A and a current AAPC member. Just as I planned. My goal was to finish my coding course and be an AAPC member AND be certified by 2011. And I accomplished it.

I hope to be given a chance. Because I know I can do it. All I need is a chance.

Ivy, CPC-A