I have a patient who delivered her baby vaginally. She also had a 'uretheral laceration, sulcal laceration and episiotomy 2nd degree laceration repair. I know that 58300 must be done by a different MD (not in this case). I know that 56810 for sulcal repair is non-ob (also not in this case) - so for these two I would use 12041 for the CPT.

My question is for the uretheral laceration should I also (in addition to 12041) use 53502 - urethrorrhaphy, suture of urethral wound or injury, female?

So the cpt codes would be 53502 and 12041? The diagnoses are: 644.21, 661.21, 666.12 and V27.0. This is in addition to the delivery itself which is: 59409