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Thread: help in annual physical coding

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    Talking help in annual physical coding

    As I am new at this not sure which code to use for a person coming into a clinic for their annual physical. In CPT this would fall within: new patient or existing and the age of pt. So I can either choose as example 99382 or V20.2 Which one would the more correct???

    also if who answers me. I've come accross wording in the V codes that states: acquired absense of organ V45.7, what does acquired absense mean? Thank you

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    new patients preventative exams are 99381-99387 based on age of patient on the date of exam. Established patients preventatvie exams are 99391-99397 based on age of patient ont he date of exam.
    there are several V code for exam V70.0 is general, V72.31 is gyn, V20.2 area is for well child visist.

    acquired absense is usually surgical removed. as in Kidney removed for transplant to another. or Kidney removed because of disease.
    I hope this has been of help to you.
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