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My personal position has always been...never accept a counter offer. With the economy as unstable as it is right now, it is possible that in the future the employer that offers a counter offer may need to downsize at some point. In that case, who do you think they'll let go??? More than likely, someone who they knew was going to leave them at one point anyway. But that's just my opinion. Typically, when I decide to leave, I have my mind made up. Recently, I changed jobs, and left a company that I really, really enjoyed working with for a position that gave me the opportunity to learn a lot more about coding. Although I was not offered a counter offer, there was no way I would've accepted it, and I do not regret leaving. And anyway, if your company appreciates you that much, why did they have to wait for you to quit to give you this substantial raise. One last thing, if you do decide to take this counter offer, make sure you get it in writing, you don't want them to try and change their minds after the fact.
I also wanted to add that the person who was taking over my position decided to leave she got an offer that she couldn't refuse, but she left for the money they were offering her $15.00 to be a receptionist but she had to learn billing, she went to school for billing but never did it, and it was closer to her home...

Afte 2 days she called me telling me she made a horrible mistake that she should have never left the old job. I was actually offered the job she took, but when I was given details about it, I knew not to take it but my point here is she left for the money, and apparently all the people that went to this job, all realized the same thing "he made them an offer they couldn't refuse" more money than they were currently making but no one took into consideration the conditions they would be working under, this place is under major reconstruction, they barely have any pmts coming in, they have dr's who only have 2 pts scheduled for the day, that brought up red flags for me I didn't care how much money he was talking about.

In essence she called the old job back, crying and begging for her job and they made her wait a week before they told her yes she could come back, and she took a major paycut, from $15 to $12.25. She also called me because the company I went to was looking for another biller, she wanted me to pay her $13.50 with no billing experience whatsoever!!!!

Just goes to show you how people's minds work.