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Thread: History of vs active cancer

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    Default History of vs active cancer

    Does anyone know when it is appropriate to use the "History of" code vs the active cancer code?

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    Default history of neoplasm

    According to Faye Brown's ICD-9-CM Coding Handbook, " Once a malignant neoplasm has been excised or eradicated, periodic follow-up examinations are carried out to determine whether there is recurrence of the primary malignancy or any spread to a secondary site. When there is no evidence of recurrence at either a primary site or a metastatic site, the appropriate code from V67.x, Follow-up examination, is assigned as the principal diagnosis....The appropriate code from category V10 should be assigned as an additional code." If the patient has completed all treatment and follow-up visits, and there has not been a documented recurrence of the malignancy, then omit the V67.x code and assign the V10 code as appropriate.

    Hope this helps.


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