Physician performs a surgical procedure and uses fluoroscopic guidance at an ASC that he is part owner of. So the problem of not owning the equipment is not a factor.

The facility is not licensed as a “diagnostic facility”. There are no radiologists on staff.

Question #1:

If the surgeon dictates a complete, thorough and separate x-ray report, meeting all of the standards of a regular radiology report, can he bill for the professional component of the fluoro monitoring?

If the answer to the first question is Yes, then…..

Question #2:

Quoting directly from the description of CPT 76000; “If formal contrast x-ray studies are done and included as part of the procedure to produce films with written interpretation and report, fluoroscopy is already included and cannot be separately reported.” So with that said, if the surgeon uses fluoro for guidance and also takes two views, are you only able to report (code) for the two views and the fluoro is included?