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Thread: Coding for Fitness testing?

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    Cool Coding for Fitness testing?

    Part of my job is to give statewide support. I recieved a question about billing for fitness testing and Im really not sure how to answer it.

    An appointment is made upon referral from and the tests are given individually. It takes about 25 minutes or less. The tests make up 3 categories: Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Strength, and Flexibility. Not all, but some of these categories are scored on the quantity they can perform for a set amount of time. Personal information is also collected, such as(gender, DOB) and their Body Composition (ht,wt, BMI).

    How if at all, could this be coded?

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    What about 97550 Physical performace test or measurement...with written report, each 15 min.???

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    Thats a really good one, If I can get them to document the time and a written report it will be perfect. Thank you!

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