To Whom it May Concern:

If you are looking for a talented, intelligent and energetic medical insurance billing and coding professional please carefully consider my qualifications.

I don't yet have professional experience with medical coding however I have simulated job experience in the classroom. More importantly, I have proven a proficient level of medical coding/billing background knowledge and expertise by passing the AAPC's CPC exam and the NAHP's NRCCS exam.

Before January 2010 when I began educating myself for a new career in healthcare, I worked in different office environments using a variety of software applications while emphasizing world-class customer service. As a result, I can adapt quickly to new work teams and their operational environments. Please take the time to read my concise, two-page resume for details of my experiences and qualifications.

I hope I can earn a professional position with your organization that would at first involve a minimal closely supervised orientation/probationary employment period during which I would quickly become smoothly integrated into your specific billing/coding and other management practices.

I'm looking for an interesting, exciting and rewarding professional opportunity and would welcome a personal interview at your convenience. I really appreciate you taking the time to consider my resume and contact me in response!

Thank You.


Andrew Saunders