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    Question da vinci

    We have started to perform da vinci surgeries, does anyone know for sure how to code these properly? We are using the current CPT codes. I have researched and read suggestions on adding modifier 22 to the services provided. I am not sure that is correct either. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    cases performed robotically are coded using laparscopic codes. Modifer 22 is not used on cases when the only reason for the code is because it was done with the robot.
    There is a HCPCS code, S2900 which indicated robotic assisted surgery. It is a temporary add on code, not accepted by Medicare and has no reimbursement attached to it.
    We do not use the S code, we found it was confusing the insurance co's from both an authorization and reimbursement perspective.

    Hope this helps.

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