Hello everyone,

PLease don't think that this is a retarded question. I am about 99.9% sure that I know the correct answer to this but here goes:

I have a Prov Rel Rep telling that their insurance comp does not cover Annual/ preventative visits to OB/Gyns and that these services are covered ONLY to PCPs. After I have picked up the contract and the Insurance Manual and showed that Preventative care (women's Well visit exam) is covered, they said that OB/GYN providers can render the services but are not to bill 99384-99397 codes. Instead OBGYNs are only allowed to bill 99401-99404 (counseling risk factors).

I am in desperate need of guidance. I mean I know that what they are saying is wrong, i just need to know how to prove it.

!!! PLEASE HELP !!! we have a lot on the line here.

THANKS TO ALL in advance.