1. Reverse arthroplasty of the left shoulder, total shoulder
arthroplasty, Tornier Aequalis reverse arthroplasty system.
2. Autogenous cancellous bone grafting, glenoid.
3. Resection of arthrofibrosis and contracted rotator cuff
4. Extensive capsular release, humeral and glenoid regions.
5. Long head biceps tenodesis in situ.
6. Removal of deep buried hardware, 2 cannulated screws, 2
metallic washers.

Pt had failed multiple prior shoulder surgical reconstructions by outside surgeon.

I bill 23472 with a 22 modifier because it is a revision of the TSA. I also believe I can bill for the Long head tenodesis seperatly as well. Does anyone know if I can bill for any of the other proc's to be paid seperate of would it be included in the "22" modifier for the revision?