Dr. did Open irrigation and debridment of elbow joint with open synovectomy and excision of olecron bursa.

Operative report reads:
Inspection of elbow showed a large fluid collection in the olecronan bursa. With careful dissection this was taken down to the subcutaneous tissue in which a bursal sac structure was isolated with scissors and sac was removed. There was no opening between bursa and elbow joint with careful dissection elbow was exposed to the elbow joint where it showed inflammation of the synovium. Open Synovectomy was performed and evacuation of a large joint effusion. There was evidence of loose bodies and this was irrigated with double antibiotic solution.

I have the code for bursa excision-24105
I am stuck on the OPEN I&D and OPEN synovectomy.Would that be the same as an arthrotomy?
Please Help!!!!!