I need some direction.
> Scenario: Counseling services is staffed by faculty(not sure if
> psychologist level or social worker level) and grad students in a
> different building offers services to students free of charge. This
> department then moves to the student health center, still as its own
> department and with the same grad students, but some of the staff is
> changed. Some still faculty in practice and others not faculty.
> Can they still offer their services free of charge when health center
> has social worker, psychiatrist and psychologist on staff for which
> services are billed to patient & insurance?
> Can their prices be different from health centers providers? Based on
> diagnoses used (which are different from health centers)?
> What can and cannot be done when they move to the health center and
> offer similar services?
> They will do their own diagnosing, coding, charting, etc...
> Can their patients be billed on a sliding scale when the rest of the
> health center does not?
> I need to provide them with documentation and numbers to support our
> claims. Do you have any websites to use, etc...?
> Thanks for the help.
> Deb