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Thread: Hammer toe capsulotomy??

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    Default Hammer toe capsulotomy??

    I bill CPT 28272 for PIP capsulotomy for Hammer toe. I've heard that when there is a dx of hammer toe that this should be billed as a hammer toe repair code, 28285? has anyone out there heard of this? I know for a tenotomy, this is true but haven't heard for a capsulotomy code.


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    Default hammer toe capsulotomy??

    any takers on this one??

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    I would only bill 28272 if that is the only thing done...Usually 28285 involves bony work.

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    that's what I used to think.... but so many different sources are saying that CPT 28285 also involves "soft tissue" work.

    Many auditors and other sources such as "" are saying "According to the AMA, when hammertoe is repaired by tenotomy the hammertoe repair code should be reported" but I have yet to see anything directly from the AMA.

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    Red face

    Nothing from the AMA here -

    But I have notes (can't remember what class they came from) from a coding class I took that states the 28285 should only be used if there is bony work - like Jamie said above. Parts of the proximal phalanx are removed. I use the 28270 or 28272 (depending on the joint) if the surgeon just does the capsulotomy to correct the hammertoe without bony work.....

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