I think my surgeon is wanting to get another code in besides the 63047. I think he wants to get paid for a 63030,59 (different level) Here's how he dictates the Procedures Performed:
1. Decompressive lumbar lamincectomy L4
2. Decompressive bilateral hemi laminotomies with bilateral medial facetectomies L3-4 for complete decompression of the L4 nerve root. 3. Foraminotomies L4 and L5 bilaterally for decompressive purposes
4. Total inferior facetectomy of L4 on the left
5. TLIF L4-5 (one level) with a 13 x 26 mm peak intervetebral body spacer from Pioneer Surgical Technologies
6. Instrumented posterolateral fusion l4-5 bilaterally with a 6.5 x 45 mm Phoenic cannulated pedicale screw system.....then allografts etc.

Can I charge for #2? I don't think I can, but I would like some additional opinions.
Thanks for your help!