We have been getting denials from Medicare when we bill 77003-26 with 62311. The CPT manual shows code range 62310-62319 under 77003 as 77003 being inclusive to those procedures. However, the CCI edits do not show the 77003 being inclusive and I cannot find any other location that states 77003 being inclusive to 62310-62319 and it does not appear in the code descriptor for 62311. We are in TN so Cahaba is our Medicare. Has anyone else that submits Medicare claims to Cahaba had this problem? Is 77003-26 indeed inclusive to 62310-62319? I also checked the corrections from the AMA and 62311 and 77003 were not on the corrections. Please let me know if the fluroscopic guidance is included in the code range of 62310-62319. Thanks for any help you can provide.