I'm looking for help on proximal femur bone graft. I would like to use 27170 and a coworker thinks unlisted. Because my surgeon uses the word percutaneous we are both confused. The description of procedure follows:

The patient was taken to the operating room and after adequate spinal anesthesia achieved, the left lower extremity was prepped and draped in normal sterile fashion. Fluoroscopic imaging was done. Here we identified the area where the rod had a large osteolith bubble surrouonding it on the top as well as the space between the dynamic hip screw and the end of the rod. We made 2 percutaneous stab incisions, then used Kyphon trocar working cannulas. These were docked in the bone. We then performed a biopsy and sent this off to pathology of the medullary contents. A drill was then used to seat the working cannula. I then used a total of 40 ml of Wright medical Pro-Dense calcium sulfate bone graft with tobramycin injected into medullary contents above the rod, below the DHS plate, as well as into medullary cavity immediately surrounding the rod to stabilize the rod proximally. There was good fill with the calcium sulfate cement, and when we were done, the working cannula was removed. Xray showed excellent position of calcium sulfate.

Thanks for any help out there.
Mary K. cpc