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Thread: Upgrade: Dual ICD to Biventricular

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    Default Upgrade: Dual ICD to Biventricular

    Can somone please provide some solid assistance here? We have a few coders who disagree with one another and I would like to some clarification, please.

    A patient has a dual lead pacemaker, but it needs to be upgraded to a biventricular.

    The old generator is removed, pocket revised, LV lead was placed into the target vessel.

    Then new biv- ICD was connected to the atrial, RV and LV leads, DFT testing performed.

    Coder ONE says: 33240, 33241, 33225 & 93641 - 26

    Coder TWO says: 33224 & 93641 since pt has a previous ICD and 33224 includes pocket revision, removal, insertion of new generator.

    But then I saw someone on BOCN saying it should be 33249, 33225.

    PLEASE HELP! Can anyone explains this???
    Julie Graham, BA, CPC, CCC

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    Did the Patient have a Pacemaker and then an upgrade to Bi-V ICD or a Dual ICD and upgraded to a Bi-V ICD?

    If it was a dual pacemaker removed, LV lead inserted, new ICD generator, and DFT Testing: 33233, 33225, 33240, 93641-26, 71090-26.

    If it was a ICD generator removed, LV lead inserted, new ICD generator, and DFT Testing: 33241, 33225, 33240, 93641-26, 71090-26.

    33224 only is used when you don't replace the generator (you use the same exact generator)!

    33249 can't be billed because you didn't insert a new lead with a generator (a new right atrial lead and/or new right ventricular).

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