Could someone help me with a surgery that was performed on a trigger finger. Physician did a release of A-1 pulley with flexor tenosynovectomy but he did a debridement of partial tear of the flexor digitorum superficialis with tendon nodule.

I know the 26055 for trigger finger A-1 pulley includes a tenosynovectomy. I was wondering if anyone has come across this same scenario with a debridement. He did release of the A-1 pulley, lt middle finger with flexor tenosynovectomy. Pt, according to operative report, had a "thickened nodular tendon a little tight going into the opening of the A2 pulley. The tendons were pulled out of the wound with small retrators aiding in removing all the abnormal tissue, but again the tendon itself had a roughened, sort of sandapaper, appearance to it in that location and I did debride that back as well as much as possible. I did open just a very small portion, several millimeters of the A1 pulley, and this seemed to help as well.

He did more than the 26055. Would using 29999 be more appropriate? Thanks for any help you can give me.