physician wants 11044, 58, 26080,58 and 29125.

I am looking at 15852 because I don't see where debridement or arthrotomy was performed. This only looks like irrigation and dressing to change to me.

Need other opinions. Thanks for any help.

procedure per physician: planned repeat irrigation debridement right index finger proximal phalanx cat bite wound, repeat irrigation debridement right index finger metacarpal phalangeal joint. Application of short-arm fiberglass splint.

op not reads: under adequate general anesthetic well padded tourniquet was applied to the right upper extremity. The arm was elevated but not exsanguated and tourniquet inflated to 250 mmHg. The wound did not appear to have any residual purulent material. It was thoroughly irrigated with antibiotic solution along with the extensor tendon and subcutaneious tissues as well as repeat irrigation of the metacarpal phalangeal joint. After the wound was thoroughly irrigated, clean gloves, clean instruments, and clean drapes utilized. Tourniquet was released, minimal hemostasis required. Wound was packed open with quarter inch iodoform gauze. Wound was dressed with dry sterile dressing and patient was placed in a well-padded short arm fiberglass splint.