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PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Clinodactyly of left thumb.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Clinodactyly of left thumb.

1. Repair of clinodactyly with Z-plasty to the radial side of the
clinodactyly at the proximal interphalangeal joint.
2. Capsulotomy.
3. Capsular reconstruction.
4. Osteotomy of distal phalanx.
5. Joint reconstruction.
6. Allen K-wiring of joint.

DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: Under general anesthesia, the patient was
prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. An Esmarch bandage
was placed. Total tourniquet time was approximately 30 minutes.

A 15-blade scalpel was used to make a Z-plasty incision over the
radial aspect of the left thumb; however, there was severe
contraction of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint. Dissection
was carried down to the joint capsule. The joint capsule was
severely tightened with hypoplasia of the bone in this region. The
joint capsule was opened and the excessive bone on the ulnar side was
identified. A wedge osteotomy was performed in order to remove the
excessive bone. The joint was then reconstructing by transposing
cartilage onto the radial side to reconstruct the joint and stabilize
the repair. A K-wire was then placed and it was noted to completely
straight. Z-plasty was performed laterally and it was sewn with
multiple chromics following reconstruction of the lateral collateral
ligament of the joint.

The patient tolerated the procedure well with no complications. The
patient was sent to the recovery room in good condition. A thumb
spica splint was placed.