I need help coding this op..

... A vertical incision was made in the right groin. The incision was carried down to and through the fascia lata using electrocautery. The femoral sheath was entered, the common femoral artery was circumferentially dissected. Just proximal to the femoral bifurcation, on the lateral aspect of the vessel, there was what appeared to be a 2 mm nodular implant.

The patient was systemically heparinized, and the proximal and distal control of the femoral artery was obtained. The mass was excised and submitted to Pathology. The remaining edges of the artery appeared clean and normal, and there was no intraluminal irregularity. The defect was closed in a primary fashion using 5-0 Prolene. ...

Of note, the path came back as fibromuscular tissue, size is .7 x .4, depth .5cm

Do I code this as a benign lesion? I am not thinking so since it is of the femoral artery, not the leg...

I so appreciate any thoughts, direction, etc.