Please advise. I have a provider who is doing Orthovisc injections. Procedure note;
The patient was identified and brought into the fluoroscopy syuite. The rt knee was prepped and draped in a sterile manner with Betadine and Alcohol. The fluoroscopy unit was placed perpendicular to the joint to get a perfect lateral x-ray. A 22 gauge 2" needle was then placed into the joint after spraying the area with Ethyl Chloride. Intra articular placement was confirmed when Isoview 200 .5cc was injected into the jpint and fluoroscopuc image revealed an arthrogram photo that showed dispersement of the contrast around the articular surfaces. A photo was taken to document this. We then injectde the Visco supplementation , Orthovisc, into the right knee. Once the supplementation was injected , the needle was removed, bandaid placed. The claim was coded as CPT code 27370 and CPT code 73580. Is this enough documentation to support the arthrogram?
I know with Medicare you can't code a 73580 with vicosupplementation and 27370, but it is required to code CPT codes 77002 and 20610. Please help becasue my provider is telling me his documentation is correct. He is doing it the same way with Medicare and commerical. Thanks