Hello, I took a 2-year Medical Insurance Specialist program for an associates degree. My ICD-9 and CPT teachers were the manager and director of the coding and billing department at our local health system. I worked really hard in my classes and before I could even request to have my externship there, they requested ME to extern there.
I registered to take my CPC exam before I would even start my externship. When my teachers heard I was going to sit for the exam, I was offerered a full time position instead of the externship (with the condition that I passed the exam).
My last week of the term, I took all my exams and had 1 day off before I went and took the CPC exam. I passed with a 96%!!!!
Now, almost 2 years later, my "A" is gone and I love my coding job!

So sometimes it's working your butt off to impress the right people!

Good luck all!