Need help with CPTs. Thanks.

procedure: examination under anesthesia with CT of the abdomen and pelvis and pelvic ultrasound as well as Pap smear.

The patient was taken to the CT scan suite and under IV sedation underwent CT of the abdomen and pelvis followed by pelvic ultrasound. We also obtained a Pap smear while the pateint was under IV sedation. Examination revealed her to have a pelvic mass extending to at least 6 cm above the umbilicus on the right side of the abdomen. This was consistent with fibroid uterus. Prelimiary report from radiology were also consistent with very large fibroid uterus. On vaginal speculum exam the cervix was very high in the pelvis but appreared grossly normal. There was a small amount of dark menstrual blood present in the cervical os. Pap smear was obtained. There were not palpable pelvic masses transvaginally but exam was limited by body habitus.