I work with a hospitalist group which is currently using a few locums physicians since one of our physicians has left his position. I have the a conflict with how one of our physicians wants me to bill a visit. Here is the scenario:
The locums doctor admitted a patient to the hospital in the early morning hours of 3/5. The lead physician from the group came in and saw the patient again on 3/6, however instead of billing a subsequent visit, he redid the H&P and wants me to bill for an initial inpatient visit.
My stance is that the admission should be bill under the locums and then the other physician can bill a subsequent. The non-locums doctor is insisting that we should bill the admission under him.
Can anyone give me some kind of guidance on this?

Also, after the 60 day locums period is over the physician has indicated that he would like us to bill under the full-time staff for all work performed by the locums. Can we do this?