I am stumped on this one ... Sx performed "arthrotomy, rt knee x 2 w/open repair loose osteochondral defect medial and lateral femoral condyle. [b]medial- osteochondral lesion which was partially attached was left attached to the cartilaginous attachment - lesion elevated out of its bed -the bed was curetted down to bleeding bone - multiple drill holes were placed through the bed to stimulate ingrowt & healing of bone - the lesion was placed back down and fixed w/2 kirschner wires. Lateral - the lesion was secured in its bed w/intact cartilage - some small k wire was used to drill multiple drill holes through the lesion into the underlying bone to stimulate healing then 2 k wires were drilled across lesion exiting through lateral femoral condyle". Any suggestions on how to approach the coding on this one would be greatly appreciated seama barat