One of the docs I code for is an ortho surgeon in a rural area. He would like to do inpatient surgeries at a hospital several hours away but have the patient's pcp follow their inpatient course and discharge the patient based on their other comorbitities (ie diabes, hypertension). My ortho doc would them resume the post operative care by seeing the patient in his office for post op visits.
I know that you can break apart the global period if another doctor takes over the post op care, but is it possible to split the global period when doc "a" is doing the surgery, doc "b" sees them for a day or so and does dischage, then doc "a" resumes their care? I wouldn't think that doc "b" would have any issues billing within the global period if he is not in the same practice and is billing visits based on the comorbitities that the patient may have and not the ortho dx?
Hopefully that makes sense. I appreciate any feed back.