Good morning List,
RE: KNEE ORTHOSIS L1820 & l2795
Is anyone getting denials on the Addition Code - L2795 when billed with the Base code - L1820?
1. The Article - A47178 under "Addition Codes NOT SEPARATELY PAYABLE" List next to the Base Code L1820 the L2795 is not there...BUT if you go to the LCD

2. The LCD 27058 under "Addition Codes ELIGIBLE FOR SEPARATE PAYMENT" List shows "NONE" and under the "Addition Codes NOT REASONABLE AND NECESSARY" next to the Base Code L1820 the addition code L2795 is not on that list.
So, my question is ..... Does the "NONE" in the LCD mean that we can't bill for it ?

Thanking you in advance for any help you can give me.
Reno, NV