Hoping someone can help with coding these reports. I have a doc who is doing extensive work during a CTA. These are all done with contrast. After giving results of the heart, coronaries and grafts, he gives results of Thoracic aorta, aortic arch, left and right subclavians, right and left carotids, abdominal aorta and branches, renal arteries, and right and left common femoral arteries. The codes I want to use are:

Here is a little of what the report says:

Abdomina aorta and Branches:
Suprarenal Aorta: 2.4cm with severe calcified atherosclerotic plaque and mild tortuosity
Celiac Trunk: 8mm with calcified and non-calcified atherosclerotic plaque and mild stenosis
Left subclavian is heavily calcified and appears occluded in the ostium
Right subclavian: no significant stenosis
The right and left common carotid: origin of the great vessels are free of stenosis but with calcification.
Right Renal Artery: 4.5 mm with mild calcified and non-calcified plaque but no significant stenosis
Left Renal Artery: 6 mm with no plaque/stenosis
Native common femoral arteries: mildly calcified

The billing office says I can only use 75574-26. Please any help I can get on this one would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!