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Thread: Bier Block for Carpal Tunnel Release (Newbie)

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    Default Bier Block for Carpal Tunnel Release (Newbie)

    Hello all, I hope someone can clarify this for me.

    I have an operative report for a carpal tunnel release with a bier block. The procedure description does not state if the physician or an anesthesiologist administered the bier block.

    I found this article that discusses this to an extent.

    So what I was wanting to know is

    1. If the physician did indeed administer the bier block, would I add modifier 47 to the 64721 code for the carpal tunnel release in addition to the 01810 code for the anesthesia?
    2. How do I determine who administered the anesthesia if the procedure does not specifically state?


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    01995 Code deleted effective 12/31/2006

    The link from 2005 you provided is prior to the code being deleted.

    I would review the record available, might be additional sedation being provided other than soley a bier block and depending on the facility performed, the anesthesia for the case was probally provided by a provider other the performing physician.

    Based on NCCI edits 01810 is column two code of column one code 64721 and modifier is not allowed.

    I also believe that the physician performing the procedure can not also report the anesthesia code like 01810 from a standpoint other NCCI issues.

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    Default Sleepdoc-coder

    The Anesthesia Record should list who placed the Bier Block. It is my experience as an OR nurse that the CRNA/Anesthesiologist places the Bier Block, but the Anesthesia Record should have the provider listed.

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