Hi ,

Can anyone please help me on HCPCS coding concept for Drugs. i need HCPCS LEVEL 2 Code for FLUCONAZOLE which available in both INJECTION and TABLET form.


00049-3437-26 FLUCONAZ D5 INJ 200MG/100ML BG
00049-3372-26 FLUCONAZ D5 INJ 200MG/100ML BO
00049-3436-26 FLUCONAZ INJ NS 400MG/200ML BG
00049-3410-30 FLUCONAZOLE TAB 50 MG
99999-P531900 FLUCONAZOLE TAB 50 MG UD
00049-3420-30 FLUCONAZOLE TAB 100 MG

Qustion 1) as hcpcs code J1450 desc is "Injection fluconazole, 200 mg" but if supplier desc is FLUCONAZ INJ NS 400MG than can i use J1450 code ( because in code its 200MG and in suppler desc its 400MG ) ?

Qustion 2) can i use J1450 code while coding FLUCONAZOLE TABLET 50 MG. ( because J1450 code desc is only for Injection and supplier desc is FLUCONAZOLE TABLET 50 MG.

Thanks in advance