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    Question Pre Op Coding

    In the ICD-9 there are several pre op codes. If, for example, a pt. is coming in for and EKG for pre op the use of V72.81 is used. But if that patient is coming in (through the OP area) for and EKG and LAB work at the same time, all for pre op are we able to use the V72.81 and the V72.63 together? We have been using just the V72.84 but it makes more sense to use the two codes to some of us. What are the thoughts here. Any help or advice would be great! Thank you!!

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    What about V72.82 or V72.83 these are a couple of codes I have used.
    Catrina Jacobs, RCC, CPC

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    Default V72.8x classified

    V72.81 can be assigned if only Pre op Cardio vascular assessment is been done
    V72.63 can be assigned if only Pre procedural Lab tests is been done
    V72.83 for those multiple system assessment (Eg. CVS, Labs...)
    V72.84 is for when not at all mentioned pre op work up has been done.

    I have been using like this...any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!

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