I am in despirate need of some guidance for CAH hospitals. I have been told that we are not required to report HCPCS on our claims because we are reimbursed by cost. However, the CMS Manual states: "Reporting of HCPCS codes is required of acute care hospitals including those paid under alternate payment systems, e.g., Maryland, long-term care hospitals. HCPCS codes are also required of rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, hospital-based RHCs, hospital-based FQHCs, and CAHs reimbursed under Method II (HCPCS required to be billed for fee reimbursed services). This also includes all-inclusive rate hospitals."

Does anyone know where I can find documentation on the CMS website that states we are not required to use HCPCS? Am I imagining this? I would be very greatful to anyone who can help me with this. Thank you!