I'm a student and one of my coding scenarios for this past week was an E/M visit and during the visit the patient was given a flu shot.

I found these posts in the AAPC forum in reference to this situation.



and I also found this... http://www.aafp.org/fpm/2007/1000/p35.html

These all state that you would use modifier -25 with an E/M when the visit covered other medical issues and was not specifically for a flu shot.

Now here is where my confusion comes in. My instructor tells me that you never use modifier -25 with an E/M service for the administration of ANY vaccine.

How do you know what to believe when two multiple sources tell you conflicting information and there is nothing I could find in writing states what is correct in this situation from an authoritative source?

If more clarification is needed to answer this, I will supply the scenario if necessary.

Thanks so much,