Dr surgeon had performed 36819 a couple months ago. This took place about 75 days later. I know it is within the postoperative period. It's not really a revision (at least how I understand the description). Just wondering what else I should be using. Thanks for any input....

Elevation of the previously placed basilic vein transposition left upper extremity

The patient was brought to the operating room and after attainment of sufficient general anesthesia she was pretreated with antibiotics and prepped in the usual sterile fashion. The incision was made over the previous surgical site and we identified the basilic vein, traced it upward. It was a good sized vein but the patient's arm was very heavy and the vein was probably about 7 to 8 cm deep and it required a lot of dissection to bring the vein up, taking down some venous tributaries as we went. We preserved the nerve. Eventually we got the thing dissected and then closed the fascia behind it about the nerve so it was no more than 6 mm below the surface, then closed in part with mattress sutures of 3-0 Nylon, followed by skin staples.

Thanks again!