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Thread: TakeDown of Loop Ileostomy

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    Default TakeDown of Loop Ileostomy

    I need a cpt code for the procedure listed above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabbsmith View Post
    I need a cpt code for the procedure listed above.
    Did you look at 44620-44625? I am making assumptions your surgeon is closing the ostomy. If that is not correct post part of the op note and I will look at it.

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    Default Portion of the Op Report

    I incised the skin surrounding the ileostomy and carried this down to the fascia. The surrounding bowel was freed underlying the fascias. There were a fair amount of adhesions. In doing this, I made a small enterotomy in the distal limb. As this was very near to the prior anastomosis, and it was small area, I chose to repair it. The area was repaired with a running a 3-9 Vicryl suture. Interrupted 3-0 Lembert sutures were places over this. Both limbs of the ileostomy were then freed. I reinspected to assure there are no other injuries. I trimmed the skin from the edges of the bowe. I then reanastomosed the 2 ends in a hand sewn end-to-end fashion. Over layer posteriorly was completed with 3-0 silk sutures and a running layer of 3-0 Vicryl suture was completed. On the anterior layer, I placed interrupted 3-0 silk Lembert sutures. Ath the completion the anastomorisi, there is a patient opening with no bleeding. There is no obvious leak or any other problems. I re-inspected the areas ot the enterotomy distal to this. It was intact without evidence of any leakage. I irrgiated the wound with several 100ml saline. There is no bleeding. The bowel was replaced into the abdomen.

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    Thanks for your help!!!

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