I posted this message in the Job Postings section but figured I'd cover both bases. There's helpful information in the message related to postings your resume so, some of it fits.

Just a friendly reminder Job Postings section of the forums is strictly for employers posting open job opportunities. Resume postings may get in the way of navigating quickly through open positions. Please post your resume in this thread. Thanks in advance for helping to keep this section clean.

Also, for both job seekers and job posters, you'll want to check out the Jobs section of the website. This section of the website pulls job postings from every job search site on the web and dumps it all in to one place for extremely easy searching. Being that it pulls from multiple sites, you may come across jobs that are unrelated to the field so, make sure your keywords are a little more specific. Whether you're experienced or not, it's an excellent and free member benefit. These forums are extremely helpful as well, so I recommend keeping your eye on both.

For job posters, it's a great way to spread the word and it's very inexpensive compared to other job postings sites. As mentioned above, these forums are extremely helpful as well, so I recommend posting in both areas.

We've received some feedback from employers who posted positions, telling us that they received no to minimal response. So members, continue to dig your heels in and keep searching! For those coders without experience, you know you have the skills to benefit the facilities and improve revenue flow. You're an open canvas for employers to train and mold in specifics related directly to their facility. Prove yourself in your communication, professional behavior in all dealings, showcasing your skills and continuing education (especially upcoming hot topics such as ICD-10), and flawless resume composition.

Keeping your resume in the correct forum will better your outlook. Thanks again for your understanding.

Danielle Montgomery