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Thread: Dx code for disconjugate gaze

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    Default Dx code for disconjugate gaze

    I'm trying to wade my way thru icd 9 index to get to a code for disconjugate gaze

    failure of the eyes to turn together in the same direction.

    just googling sends me to the 378.8x series.

    Any help please.


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    Default I'll answer myself

    Go the tabular index Mary Jane and start at Deviation- it will send you to 378.xx series

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    Conjugate gaze- means movement of both eyes with the visual axes parallel.
    Dys- means impairment

    Dysconjugate gaze- failure of the eyes to turn together in the same direction- ie parallel movemnets impaired.- code 378.82 would be appropraite.

    378.81- is Palsy- which is paralysis ; this means inability to move - This is not addressing to what we need for DYSCONJUCATE

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    if you don't know if the dysconjugate gaze is due to muscle vs nerve then the best you can do is 378.9.

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