Hello, I'm a CPC and have worked as an ED coder for the last three years in a pediatric hospital. I am currently studying to take AHIMA's CCS Exam, and eventually want to take AAPC's ED Specialty Coding test. I also have an associates degree in allied health, a general degree. Here's what I need advice on: I started an RHIT program this last semester, but I'm at a crossroads with this. My manager is telling me that they are wanting all coders in our facility to get our RHIT's in order to be able to code, especially for inpatient coding. The CCS encompasses all coding, inpatient and outpatient, so I don't understand why I am needing to finish this RHIT course. My salary is already more than what an RHIT starts out at in our facility. CCS's typically make more money than RHIT"S since they specialize in coding. I really do not plan on going into any management positions, since we are being sent home soon to do our coding remotely. I have noticed when looking at coding job advertisements a lot of facilities require an RHIA, RHIT, CCS, or CPC, so I don't understand why I need to get another associates degree if one of the certifications will suffice for a particular position. Has anyone ever had this issue come up before? Any advice will be appreciated.