Does anyone have any suggestions of what code to use for the following scenario: Repair of left little finger ulnar digital nerve repair of abductor digiti quinti tendon with use of operative microscope.

Preoperative diagnosis: Left little finger ulnar digital nerve laceration with laceration of abductor digiti quinti.

Operative Report: The prior incision was the opened up and both proximal and medial stumps of the digital nerve were immediately identified with a complete laceration across it. There was alos noted to be a laceration of the abductor digiti quinti tendon as well as laceration of the digital artery, which was thrombosed. At this point, the digital nerve was isolated. The artery was coagulated, & after cutting the ends & visualizing fascicles, the operating microscope was then brought in, & using #9-0 nylon, an epineural repair was performed. At this point the abductor digiti quinti tendon was repaired using #3-0 ethibond. The wound was thoroughly irrigated and then closed w/ #5 nylon. A sterile dressing was applied as well as a splint to keep the MP in flexion.

So far I have come up with 64831 for the digital nerve repair but I don't know what to use for the tendon repair(26350??).