I have an operative report that states the patient had a fracture of the right ring finger with bilateral collateral ligament injuries.

The operative notes states - The collateral ligament ends were freed and the condylar heads were identified and repositions. K-wire and screws were placed. (26746) The collateral ligaments were reconstructed. (26545)

Are the collateral ligament reconstructions separately billable?

Per the NCCI, 26545 (ligament reconstruction) is a component of the fx repair (26746).

My thought is that the ligament repairs are included in the fx repair if performed on the same finger. The provider's thoughts are that when the procedures are done on the same finger, but different ligaments, the ligaments reconstructions are separately billable.

Can anyone provide information on whether the ligament reconstructions are billable? Thanks.

26746 Open treatment of articular fracture, involving metacarpophalangeal or
interphalangeal joint, includes internal fixation, when performed, each

26545 Reconstruction, collateral ligament, interphalangeal joint, single, including graft, each joint